M O T I V 8  &  M O T I V 8 +    

C O M P E T I T I V E  D I V I S I O N

 SEASON 03  


As dancers progress and evolve, often times, they become a part of the competitive division. Competitive Dance is an extremely popular sport and a wonderful extra-curricular activity. It teaches our students the important principles of calendaring, comittment to obligations, motivation, good sportsmanship, teamwork, confidence in front of an audience, working towards a common goal, the importance of practice and repetition, self-accountability as well as the joy of accomplishing goals whether short term or long term.

PAVE Competition Teams combine performance, artistry and technique while fostering teamwork and camaraderie for the beginning, intermediate and advanced dancers.

 small groups, large groups, and solo, duo, trio opportunities in all styles  of dance for the Mini (Age 5-6) Petite (7-8) Junior (9-11) and Teen/Senior (age 12+) dancer!

Competition teams will be focused on instilling confidence, promoting positive self-esteem, nourishing the mind and conditioning the physical body, pushing students past their perceived potential, individualizing creative talent while enabling them to be a part of a cohesive, nurturing, family unit.

We highly recommend becoming a part of our competitive division! Want to learn more? Send us an email! 


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