Ballet focuses on instilling proper turn-out, positions, posture, fluidity, muscle control, barre work, adagio, petite allegro and more. Ballet will provide your student a thorough platform for technique to evolve through slow twitch and fast twitch muscle training.

Ballet Technique classes are the foundation for training and focus on developing a solid ballet technique with emphasis on understanding correct body placement, proper use of turn out, coordination of the upper body (epaulement), and use of arms (port de bras).  Clear explanations of exercises and theory help students use the ballet vocabulary in a simple, practical way that leads to increased technical understanding, healthy physical development, and lifelong enjoyment.

Therabarre is a classical ballet barre session utilizing an elastic resistance band, thus allowing the dancer to retain total control of the speed and manner in which the muscles are stimulated. Therabarre system enhances balance, strength, and flexibility in both the supportive and active leg.

Tap classes are designed to teach dancers the basic fundamentals of sound and weight transitions through various combinations across the floor and center floor.

Jazz Choreography is a class that focuses on challenging the dancer's ability to pick up choreography quickly and to learn different jazz styles.

Jazz Technique classes focuses on the fundamentals of jazz technique such as: Footwork, Body Placement, Pirouettes, and Leaps.

Contemporary is an immersion of Modern and Ballet elements, where the dancers are given a variety of combinations to develop their technique and emotion based choreography.

Modern class teaches dancers a variety of Classic Modern Techniques using floorwork,  inversions, and stylized movement.

Hip-Hop classes teach dancers to isolate different parts of their bodies, various “tricks” performed by industry professionals along with fun combinations to today's top music.

Tricks & Turns classes focus on improving leaps and turns. By teaching the dancer's to combine multiple styles of leaps and turns in combinations both in center and across the floor, their technique will improve their overall ability in all styles of dance.

BOSU utilizes the BOSU Ball to condition the dancer’s balance training while incorporating dance movements specific to their training. The combination of stable and unstable sides of the ball allows a wide range of athletic conditioning for all dancers.

Pilates: Pilates mat is focused on stretching and toning the dancer's muscles to help develop muscle tone, core stability, and muscle lengthening. These classes are inspired by Joseph Pilates’ traditional mat exercises with a unique dance specialization focus to give the dancers a healthy cross training outlet.

CORE: CORE Performance utilizes different exercise disciplines such as core muscle training, weight training, cardiovascular training, and plyometric training to enhance a dancer’s physicality during competition.